Save, after workout is selected from planner, is both unnecessary and confusing - please get rid of it

I just scheduled a workout in the planner and it took me 10 minutes. Why? Because I kept trying different ways but it never showed up in the calendar. First, I didn’t remember that I had to save it. Next I remembered that I needed to save it and kept scrolling down, to the bottom of more and more suggestions, looking for a save option. Finally I remembered the save button was hidden in the lower right corner.

Please, either put that save button right next to the clear button that shows up after you select a workout, or simply save the selection immediately when it’s selected. I prefer the latter - I don’t see a reason to both select a workout and save the selection you just made. Yes, it’s a bit dumb of me to keep forgetting to save, but I find the way it is now very confusing and easy to forget.

These UI issues that lead to confusion are eventually overcome by dedicated users, but new users may simply give up.

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Is the Save button off screen for you? Should be at the bottom right where it’s always been. We could move it but I imagine there will another set of users that would prefer where it was.

Click to select and close is a possibility and may be easier overall.

I don’t think you want select and save immediately. I often scroll the recommendations and Load More after making a selection before hitting Save.

Which browser and what device are you using to view the Planner?
Sounds like you have a setting configured at >100% on your device or browser so the form is pushed off the screen.
I tested adding entries to the Planner and the form displays Back and Save buttons at lower right of the frame at all times on my laptop, iPad, or Android phone with multiple browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).
Save is disabled (grey) until you select an entry but perhaps that could be made obvious by changing background color once a selection is made. Examples:




@xertedbrain The save button is not off screen, but it’s relatively small and not in an obvious place. For me it’s hard to find (on Chrome on a MacAir), perhaps because it’s not something I even think to look for. @ridgerider2 The Clear button gives you an easy way to undo the selection. You can scroll and Load More and then easily change your selection via Clear.

When you do a delete or some other destructive behavior it makes perfect sense to have a “Are you sure” follow up, but when you simply select something I don’t see a need for an “Are you Sure” (e.g., Save), especially when there’s an easy way to undo the action (Clear).

Oh hadnt seen this save button before, so i would schedule a date&time, then select a preferred WO, click on that, and as i then did’t see any « select » or « confirm choice » id click « schedule » and refill the date&time, accepting the fact that a had to re enter date/time as a shortcoming that hopefully would be ironed out in future. Now i learnt i shouldnt enter a WO of preference but click save and the WO top of the list is then saved. Ps i mostly work from my phone, or ipad, so small screen. I agree a select or save button next to clrear makes more sense, also because then i could select the 2nd or 3rd frol the list when that structured training visual seems more to my likings