Same four workouts recommended

I’ve been using Xert the last few weeks and I really like what I see. My only confusion (complaint?) is that I am recommended the same 5 workouts every day. Either “Won’t Get Fooled Again”, “Takin’ Care of Business”, “Hot Blooded”, or “Stuck in the Middle” (if I’m relatively fresh) or “Active Recovery” (if I am not). Is this normal? Is there something I am doing incorrectly? I assume Xert has a lot more than 5 workouts and I know I could pick one of them at any time but the most appealing part of Xert to me is having the (best) workouts pre-selected for me. Just hoping for a little more diversity…

Hi Patrick!

Wlecome to Xert! Can you let me know what your selected Athlete Type is? And how many Stars do you have in your profile? These two things do have a large influence on the types of workouts that are recommended to you (in addition to other factors, like training status, XSS surplus/deficit, etc.).


Are you on a trial or subscribing with historical data loaded?
There are hundreds of workouts in the library (for subscribers) but what is recommended at any time depends on a number of factors. Ex, status star count, athlete type, program type, phase, form, time of day, and more.
I’m not a fan of automatic selection as that simply selects from the top four hits on a random basis. I’d rather choose. Keep in mind the top four entries aren’t your only options. Sometimes you will use Load More to find a workout and other times use Filter to change duration, difficulty or even focus. The reasons why will become more apparent as you use Xert.
Have you had a chance to watch all the Academy lesson videos?
Xert Academy Videos - YouTube

Welcome aboard. :slight_smile:

Hi Scott. I have Climber as my Athlete Type. 1.5 stars.

I am on a 30-day trial. I thought all the workouts were available for trial users (but maybe I am wrong). Yep, watched all the Academy Videos. Really great stuff!

The trial is limited. The main intent is so you can see what’s different about Xert.
Check out the chart link in this post and view the other tips in the same thread –
Beginner questions - Support - Xert Community Forum (
When you subscribe the workout list also expands as you reach two stars status and higher.

For 1.5 stars and climber athlete type, there will be a relatively small selection of workouts in the trial library (~17 workouts). The main Xert library features a much wider array of workouts (300+).

Which athlete type would lead to a greater selection of workouts? GC?

The limitation on the number of workouts is what forced my hand and made me upgrade within a week. :grinning: