same data different numbers

I subscribe for the trail and and I thought my subscibtion did not enter, I opened another trail subscribtion. Now the stange thing is that both use the same data (Strava 3 months back) but both have different numbers for FTP and other data. also training pace have different advises… before I subscibe for the paid version, I want to know what is wrong as both accounts also use same personal data (weight etc)…many thx for help…

Hi Jan,

I took a look through both accounts to investigate. In general, most of your maximal efforts/breakthroughs were relatively short ( < 25sec ) high power sprints, which makes it a little difficult for the algorithm to extract the correct parameters for TP and HIE. If you were to do a slightly longer effort, the algorithm can better determine the contribution of HIE and TP since the amount of work that they can contribute will change as you start fatiguing. After looking through your data, I would use the 222/20.1/1006 fitness signature for now, as that seems to make more sense to me, based on the efforts that you’ve recently performed. Hope that helps! Cheers

Thx Scott,
I just subscribed for the annual subscribtion and fully trust the algorithm… now Im a paid member, is it also possible to have more data downloaded than 3 months?

Not through Garmin Connect, unfortunately. But you can sync older activities in from Strava by going to Sync --> Strava and changing the time frame to ‘Custom Range’. From there, you can decide to sync back farther than 3 months. Cheers!