Running workouts out of Ipad or Iphone

Hi! I am planning on purchasing Xert, however the main feature I am interested in ,is being able to run workouts with my iphone or ipad as I do not own or plan to own a " regular" computer. I do not want to purchase and ending up getting stuck. Thanks! ( and my free trial ends in 30 minutes)

They’re working on an iOS app at the moment but it’s still quite a few weeks away. A regular computer wouldn’t help you anyway as there’s n option on that either. They currently have Android or Garmin if you want to do their workouts.

I’m currently using the platform as a way to track my fitness and because I believe they will do good things, and what they likely need to achieve their goals are data and money.

Thanks Thomas! I basically " scratched " the surface with the free trial and so far I like it…but I really want to interface , using my Iphone, with my wahoo trainer. I tried a couple of their workouts but I need to manually change the watts every minute or so! Thanks again!