Running with Power

When synchronizing with STRAVA Xert also pulls my running workout, for which I usually record my power (from the stryd footpod). It appears that those workouts (in Strava tagged as “run”) do show in Xert as Bike workouts. Should I delete those in Xert in order for the profile to reflect the correct values of my FTP etc?

At this time, yes. Runs with power should be excluded from your cycling data.

Hey @ManofSteele Is there a way to delete the power metric from my runs and just use the HR derived power so I can keep the runs in my activities? I realize this isn’t ideal, but I just bought a stryd this week and its worked ok when using HR for my training status and form in the past for figuring out my training.

For now it would be nice to just analyze my running power in the stryd app but still have all of my activities in Xert. I’m just wondering if there is the functionality to strip my power either in Xert or if there is a work around outside of Xert.


Hi @Stiven_asdf

Yes there is a workaround! Check out the website

They have a ‘field remover tool’, which you can use to remove any metric from a fit file (including Power/HR data). Check it out! Cheers!

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Thank you so much @ManofSteele

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