Running, Swimming and core/weights workouts

Hi !

I slightly make my progress through the world of Xert :wink: I synced a few historic data from Strava since mid of 2019. I have a bunch of different activities synced: bike rides, swimming, running, core/weight workouts. These activities are now all at Xert.

What I found now, was an article regarding Xert and running power with stryd. It says: Sync running activities to a second account. :thinking:

My questions: a) Shall i set my Strava sync to ride/virtual ride only? and b) Shall I delete these non-ride activities? Do they have a negative impact on the system recommendations/calculations?

Although I am a multi-sport athlete at heart, riding a bike is my main sport. Xert should prepare my for french alps (Marmotte route etc) next year.

Thank you!
LG Bob

Hi! Glad to hear you’re enjoying Xert so far!

Since each Xert account is only optimized to handle one fitness siganture, and since every athlete has a different running & cycling signature, any running power data needs to be loaded into a different account.

You can receive some XSS credit for other activities, if you have HRDM enabled under your account settings, which uses your historical cycling data for patterns between HR, Cadence, and Power (XSSR) to estimate some values for Power, XSS, Focus, etc. for rides without a power meter, runs, etc.
They don’t necessarily have a “negative” impact on your data. Personally, I prefer to keep only my cycling data in my account (so I only sync rides/virtual rides), but an argument can be made for having those other activities contribute to some of your total training load.

Hope this helps!


Thank you - yes this helps. I understand and will proceed accordingly. I wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year. Stay safe!