Running stress

In addition to cycling I run regularly, so I accumulate stress which doesn’t appear in Xert, but it obviously affects how tired I am. I don’t have running power, and it would be no good anyway as it’s all hilly and off road, so is there a way of telling Xert about the extra stress? Can it be done (approximately) from running heart rate? Or can I cheat by inventing a ride with the right amount of stress (per TSS) but all at a level which won’t affect the Xert fitness signature?

Creating some handy activities that you can drag onto your calendar and update with the appropriate XSS values is likely the easiest. You can use TSS as a proxy for XSS as they are normally very similar.

Alternatively, which would be easier, I have synced my recent running activities from Strava, but they contain no power data, of course. Is it possible for me to manually add an XSS value? I have a reasonably good value from a TRIMP Zonal calculation which I can use.

Click on them in the calendar.

Perfect, I had no idea I could do that. Happy Christmas.