Running remote player over zwift

I stopped using Xert a year ago because when running the remote player over zwift heart rate, cadence, and power were hit-and-miss. Very jerky readings. Today it seemed to work fine except the power. It would be slow to respond like it was reading 3 second power. How can I get it smoother? The first year I used xert it was great. That was 3 years ago…


Best not to use the Garmin Player. Data needs to go through Garmin Connect on your mobile app. Both Xert EBC iOS and Android player will work better and generally are not laggy unless there is network congestion. Also a good idea to close off other apps on your phone in case they take up resources.

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Whenever doing xert workout. My EBC app on iphone or android phone will connect
via bluetooth for trainer and heart rate
via bluetooh for assioma power meter and assioma cadence

Then on zwift connect via ant+ for assioma power meter, assioma cadence and polar h10 heart rate and trainer leave it blank.

Once end of the workout, i will save the zwift ride and discard the workout in ebc.


Thanks all this seems to work well now.