Running power

Armando, what options do you currently have for running with power? I was thinking of getting a stryd power meter but don’t want the run numbers to mess up my bike signature. Would i need a separate account or is it possible just to assign the run workouts to a separate bin? I’m not so fussed about utilising Xert for running at the moment but I’d like to be able to store my data for when you guys are happy to roll that out, and surely having more data to work with would help you as well?


I am wondering the same. I removed my run workouts with stryd so not to mess up my cycling numbers

We’d happy to create a separate account for running power to any yearly subscriber, without charge. Just go ahead an create the new account and we’ll upgrade it for you.

And then I link it to my Garmin Account and just delete the unwanted activities from each separate account and recalculate the fitness signature?

You might be able to create a separate Garmin Connect account too just for your running activities. That way they never mix. Up to you. (Ask @Peter Schindler on FB. He’s can provide a lot of guidance on how best to set this all up.)

It won’t let me set up another account with the same email address.