Running power zones too high?

Hi everyone,

I discovered Xert for cycling and find it a fantastic tool! Since I am primarily a runner, I created a running profile. My fitness signature is TP: 528, HIE: 15.2 kJ and PP: 686. My LTP is at 489, which is 93% of my TP. Is that realistic? I find the power numbers for running generally very high. For comparison, my cycling TP is 292. I measure running power with the Garmin HRM Pro Plus chest strap. If I would run the easy paces at the suggested power, my heart rate would almost be in the high tempo/low threshold zones. The workout below would almost be an all out effort. How come the half marathon power is 530, whereas my TP (so 1 hour all out effort) is 528?

I would appreciate any help, so I can start using Xert for running :slight_smile:

I think I figured it out, I played a bit around with the decay method and now the numbers seem more realistic. :slight_smile:

Note that the power numbers for running are not standardized. So different power meters will significantly different results.

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