Running MPA flatlining

For the past 3 runs my MPA has flatlined. Other issue is that my fitness signature is wrong. The run shown below was done at an easy pace. It seems like for running Xert is not correcting updating the fitness signature. Or is there something I need to change in my profile? THX

Power duration curve for this running activity:

Suggest you file a support request with and they’ll take a look at your data.
Are all your running and cycling activities separated into their own profiles?

Thanks for the suggestion, @ridgerider2. And yes, running and cycling activities are setup as separate profiles.

Hi @Rideabout !

Sometimes the automatic signature extraction can have troubles if MPA is exceeded for a large amount of time (several minutes, like in your case here) or if MPA is exceeded by several hundred watts.

You might consider opening the first activity where you saw this was the case and manually increasing the Threshold Power parameter a bit. Click refresh to see how your change impacts MPA. When MPA is close/touching only for a little bit, click the ‘Extract’ button to let Xert re-run the extraction. If you’re happy with the resulting signature/MPA chart, click ‘Save’ and the results will trickle through your more recent runs :slight_smile: Hope this helps/makes sense!

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Thanks, Scott, that did the trick!