Running and Cycling


I want to log both running (via Stryd) and cycling (via TacxNeo, PowerBox, PowerTap) power data.
Please confirm whether I need to create two different accounts with separate running and cycling activities in order to have correct power profiles.
Or does Xert now support both running and cycling under one account ?

Thanks !

Hi Robert. I responded to your support email. Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with. Cheers!

I am also interested in running power inclusion, what was the response if i may ask, thanks!

Hi Onder,

Contact us via the support email and we can handle it from there. Cheers!

I would like that the algorithm would work in one account with running and cycling.

My power meter in yesterday’s run provided erratic power data, that messed up all my threshold powers, …etc I had a nice breakthrough but i suspect it is real. How can i make Xert ignore this run for the calculations of my fitness? Simply delete the activity or is there anyway to make Xert to ignore that activity in calculations?

Hi Onder, You can ‘Flag’ the activity to make Xert ignore the data.

Hi Stryder, It’s something we would like to do as well, but takes time to implement.