running activities have 0 strain score

My running, crossfit, weights and other activities uploaded from Strava have no Strain Score on Xert. And after a hard workout which I had today it still recommends me another hour on a bike to cover training deficit. Is it correct?

The system does not currently estimate your XSS from non-cycling activities. You can however manually key in their XSS values using the Fitness Planner.

How do you get an xss value for a non cycling activity?

You can use HRDM (for other cycling or cross training activities):

Or you can manually enter an XSS value:

I have HRDM enabled it was not calculating an XSS, maybe because I flagged the activity? Either way this morning I unflagged it and it is showing a score.

In general, is it wise to count the strain and time from these CrossFit activities towards my overall training time?