Ronnestad for timetrialists

Have any timetrialists tried incorporating Ronnestad workouts into their training plans?

I’m training for 10 and 25mile TTs and usually go to something like a Seiler 4x8 for my high intensity sessions. I’m curious what people’s experiences are, Ronnestad seem more effective at targeting HIE but have less specificity to the target events.

You might be surprised at which rider type your TTs come out at. I take part in TTs of varying length in the NW of England, it is only a few flat races that actually come out as either Time Triallist or Sprint Time Triallist. This year my focus was going to be a block of 2up TTs which last time I raced them ranged from GC Specialist, Climber and Rouleur.

I choose GC Specialist as my athlete type and in the three events I’ve raced this year I’ve done okay, including a 2nd Vet on a very lumpy and technical course in Cumbria, the focus for that event was GC Specialist. I think incorporating workouts that have some intensity such as 30/15s or workouts such as Bangarang have served me really well. Unfortunately I’ve managed to inflict a psoas injury on myself so I’ve been told off by the physio for riding the TT bike and been made to promise to take it easy for a while, but until the injury I’d say I felt in really good shape for the TT season following a training program that incorporated more variation than constant steady state intervals. Made a really nice change as well from what I’ve done in the past.

Thanks, Sean, get well soon!

I’ve noticed the 25s tend to come back as Sprint TT focus and 10s climber (with the exception of circuit TTs like Croft which were Rouleur) and did make the switch to climber because of this, might experiment further though.

Will give Bangarang a go and see what happens!