Rolling 7 days

I am still getting used to Xert so have a question if my 1st week date is from
20th June to the 27th June and the 2nd week is from the 27th to the 4th July and I do a ride on the 27th June does it go into the 1st week or 2nd week

Surely week 1 will be 20-26th June (which is 7 days) 27th June ride would go in week 2
My weeks start on the Mondays

This is the next 2 weeks showing on xert website

20 to 27 then 27 to 4

This has been discussed elsewhere (maybe on Facebook).

There are two partial days included in the week - the part of the first day after your normal workout time and the part of the last day before your normal workout time.

I think it’s a bit silly myself.


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