Rides with no power data

Sometimes happen that I have problems with my bike computer so I lose data from a ride. In CTL ATL based software I usually estimate the TSS value but I don’t know what could happen here in Xert. Is there a way to put a manual input? I think that a missed ride (last year happened in one priority race) should impact the Stress Strain chart.
I am really interested in this feature because I am thinking switch to Xert premium for 2017 season. Thank you!

Hello Simone. We are adding the ability to insert manual activity entries. It should be available in the January timeframe.

Thank you Armando. I’ve done a monthly premium so I’ll give a try to your project. Now it’s sound a totally new world and it’s not so easy to start… but I’ve just a question. I am a " alpine granfondo" racer so the main target of my training is old style SST and FTP, but in this part of the season I don’t push at the limit, so the values you calculate are consistent? Do I need to make some testing? In this case which lenght of total effort do you recommend? (remember long climbs racers target…). Thank you!!!

Thank you Simone for supporting our project!

If you will be doing workout at or near your FTP, it is important to get a good estimate since a few watts above or below will make a big difference. Follow the test protocol from our blogs or consult the comments here: https://www.xertonline.com/forum#!/support:xert-fitness-test These will help you with your testing.

Note that based on our research, working at or near FTP isn’t needed to generate the strain needed for improvements. Low strain requires spending time on the bike and high strain requires that you spend time above FTP. The total amounts are what will dictate how well you will perform on long climbs. For 10 minute steady state efforts (as we define as the Climber) most of your accumulated training load would be low with some high and some peak. The ratio depend on you and your signature and this is what we call Focus.

Good luck!!

It’s really a new world and honestly it’s not easy to start, but I want to try! Just a last question, you define climber the one specified with 10 minutes efforts. My race targets are long alpine climbs, longer that 1 hour sometimes, which could be the target of my training? The test is always the same? Thank you!!!

The best way to determine your specific training needs for a particular race/ride is to review a race that you’ve done previously. When you open the Activity Details for the race, you’ll be able to see which Athlete Type was the Focus for the race. For further interpretation, you can even look at the Specificity Rating. These two combined provide a picture of the specific work allocation ratios that you needed for the race. If then you train to reach those same allocation ratios you can put yourself into the best position to perform and meet the demands of the race. What this means is that you need your Focus to be the same as that which the race demands.

For example, if the demands for your previous race was a long alpine climb, longer than an hour and the effort is sustained, this will put your Focus at a longer duration. If however, you need to respond to constant attacks, even if the climb is hours long, your Focus will be a much shorter duration. You’ll need to train accordingly.