Rider type for mountain bike racing?

I train for mountain biking events mainly 8 hrs to multi-day that are more technical than fire roads/gravel. What road cycling phenotype best matches this type of effort? I have no desire or plans to do road or track racing.

Hi Julie,

Based on a few athletes that have shared their MTB data with us, we recommend something with a relatively low focus duration, such as puncheur or breakaway specialist. Hope this helps!

Thanks Scott! Yes, that seems to be in line with the related chart on my dashboard. Although power sprinter figures prominently as well, which is something I would not expect. Possibly it’s just the type of intervals I have been doing lately.

MTBing is highly stochastic, and those short, punchy bursts are what make training to a shorter focus athlete type so ideal for it. Good luck with your training!

Thanks! Super excited about digging more into the software & methodology.