Rider type > advice thoughts

Seen that rider type does change training selections
So if I explain what I do and goals and people add some advice or if xert see this

I’m multi discipline
Main > mtb enduro racer, so stages last 3min to 15min pretty much out the saddle 95% low power sprints repeats with some large sprints(say 80% max)
Then full day endurance riding the loop in LTP I guess(don’t have power meter on that bike)

Sportives as a challenge, no breaks so start to finish
100mile standard distance do have roubaix this year and Amstel gold if I feel fitness is correct
Challenge to try and set a good time for myself

Also cyclocross racer,
Cross<>enduro not that far apart in power profile just the the fact cross got a high % seated vs higher overall body work in enduro with higher sharp bursts.

I was setting the rider type as puncheur but now changed it to RoadSprinter as I feel may be better suited for my overall goals?
What’s your thoughts

Other info my power profile is sprint based which is now surprise from MTB background also come from sufferfest 4dp Sprinter profile.

Nice… yeah based on all the podcasts I’ve listened to from TR, it Seems like Enduro is either a 20s focus power sprinter or a road sprinter athlete type… i could be completely wrong though… anyways that’s a lot of cool riding focuses i wish you luck in all that stuff

Thanks for reply least I know I’m thinking in correct area