Ride the Rockies Training Plan

So I just signed up for Ride the Rockies. The event is from June 12-17. It covers about 450 miles over 6 days and about 30k of climbing. So what is the optimal set up for my goals/XATA? Nothing really seems to fit the multi-day format of this event. I have currently set my training for “Goal Event” and my focus is set to “Century Rider”

I typically try to train about 10 hours/200 miles per week and plan to ramp that up to around 15-17 hours and around 350 miles as I approach the event. I’ll be doing lots of centuries on the weekends including a few back to back centuries to help to prepare for the multi-day format.

Appreciate any advice on how to approach this event. Thanks!

Hi @Chaser ,

Being able to complete a multi-day ride (such as Ride the Rockies) comes down to your training load. In general, your goal should be to push your training load as high as time allows before your event. The higher your training load is, the better you’ll be able to cope with multiple days of longer rides. Hopefully that makes sense!

As for Athlete Type, I’d actually recommend picking something a little farther up, such as Climber or GC Specialist, so you can work some more high-intensity into your training in preparation for your event. The longer focus durations (Time Trialist, Century Rider, Triathlete) are going to recommend sub-TP workouts.

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