Ride average speed vs moving speed

Armando, I think that Xert on line needs to add a moving speed to the metrics in the ride analysis window. Yes I can see it in Strava or Garmin Connect or even Golden Cheetah bit the average speed you calculate is for the full duration and is not the actual riding average. It is simple enough to do, so why not add the two metrics to the ride analysis, moving time and moving average speed?

Moving averages are not the right metrics to use unfortunately. If you do an all out effort at , say 600W at 50kph. Then you stop. Rest for 20 minutes. Then do another all out 600W at 50kph, you haven’t done 600W / 50kph for a 2 minute ride.

Besides, moving averages really don’t provide an meaningful information relating to fitness or performance. Still contemplating a few ideas on how best to determine some meaningful power/speed average.

Athletes that have used older methods, are just used to seeing them. Hence they’d like to see them. Other athletes that are new to training and use Xert, generally don’t see much purpose in them.

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Armando, maybe I did not explain my point well enough. You do not understand my question, though I do not doubt the validity of your modelling, that the average based upon the total time start to finish, what I want to see if the average speed during the moving portion of the ride as well. My point has nothing to do with modelling, If I go for a 50 km ride and I stop part way through, I fully understand the modelling effect, what I am saying is I still want the added info of moving time and average moving speed. It has nothing to do with the Xert model it has to do with standard understanding of what speed the ride was not the training effect.