RGT Cycling and Xert Overlay

For those that want to try it out, works well…


I’ve ditched Zwift and gone back to Xert. And I have been using RGT on my AppleTV for about a month now. The latest update to RGT is very stable and I highly recommend it.


I’ll have to give it a shot again. It’s been some time since I’ve tried it (last winter, if I remember correctly), but I remember having issues with it.

I can’t get it to work. For whatever reason the power gets confused and I find a lot of surging going on

Hi Andrew,

I’m using Xert and RGT aswell. This is how it works for me:

  • I start my Xert workout on my smartphone / Garmin
  • I make sure all my sensors are connected.
  • Then I start the RGT screen app on my laptop and the RGT mobile app on my phone.
  • You can then select where you want to ride and load a route.
  • Make sure you check your sensor connections on RGT: You should connect to your HR-strap and your Powermeter (I connect my on the bike PM for RGT and Xert, so I get my power data from the same source as I ride outside).
  • Make sure your trainercontrol in RGT is NOT connected. (This is allready connected to Xert to control the trainer for your workout intervals not to be controlled by RGT for the ascent grade of the terrain).

Like this I can choose to save my training through the Xert EBC app (which I’m using) or through the RGT app. The difference is with the RGT app the file is saved with GPS info and let you see where you have, virtually ridden. (I choose the RGT way to save my training most of the times).
If you choose to only save your Xert EBC file, you will only get the power data and no GPS or virtual data.

Hope this helps. RGT is a great online platform to ride your bike indoors in my opinion. Great you can ride it for free, and don’t have to pay for it like Zwift.



Thanks for the in depth instructions. Much appreciated.
I only see one course as free in RGT. Is it the same for you?

I think there is a cycle of free available courses. At the moment Dirty Reiver, Borrego and 8bar are available. Recently it was primerly Cap Formentor for me.
You can also join a group ride /race on any course.

I know this is an old thread, have you tried importing the Xert ZWO file into RGT? I gave it a go today but found an issue when parts of the activity slowly ramp up and down. In RGT, when the ride is meant to ramp up from a low watt to a high watt, it starts at the high watt value. Seems like it can’t translate the Xert workout to slowly ramp up an activity.

Have you seen or tested this?


Sorry, I haven’t tried out the training with a downloaded ZWO file. Always directly from Xert. That way the most benefits from Xert stay on track. For example you can train with XSSR intervals, instead of fixed watts for intervals. That way a training can be precisely hard enough, but not too hard.

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I take it you have both the smart trainer and a separate power meter connected? As this should be made clear

Yes indeed. I connect my on the bike PM. I’m not connecting the PM from the trainer. That way I don’t have to bother in the slight differences they would have.

Most newer power meters and trainers transmit both BT and ANT+ so you can run both Xert and another ecosystem like RGT from a single source. No strict need for both. You do need a device to either connect ANT+ (bike computer, some phones with or even without accessories, laptop with dongle), or a CABLE device to convert the ANT+ single to BT