Returning to XERT help

I’m a returning user and am trying to re-aquaint myself.

Generally I get time for two sessions upto 90 mins each in the week and a long ride at the weekend.

How do I get xert to recommend the correct length workouts to me during the week? When I go to recommendations they’re all 2 hrs.

Thanks, Dan.

Use Filter to set a duration for the time you have available to train today.
XATA works on a rolling 7-day period along with any pattern you establish.
Once you establish a pattern (over a couple weeks), you’ll see that appear as “Advice is based on your recent activities performed on *Mondays”, etc.
However, it’s more important to watch the pacer needle which indicates if you are maintaining the training load you configured (ramp rate).
You can always vary duration during days of the week if you don’t follow a regular pattern.
As long as pacer needle stays within 11am-1pm position you are on target.

This is covered in the Academy series I3 video –

You are best off watching them in order when you have time as you are sure to learn some things about Xert you didn’t know before. :wink: