Resync with Strava or Garmin

I am using Garmin Decent to record my ride, but the elevation is wrong. therefor I always recalculated elevation with corrected data in Strava and Garmin.
But Xert dont update the new elevation how to change that?

Hi Soren, if you sync the data from Strava, is the elevation correct? Is the elevation data different than what’s in Strava?

Hey I’m facing the same situation. If you have an issue with your Garmin, for example not recording the correct elevation, when you save the ride, automatically sync with Xert. If you have to correct the elevation in strava, you do not have an option to resync the ride in Xert.


You could export the TCX file from Strava and upload manually into Xert, then delete the Xert activity with the incorrect elevation data. Not something you’d want to do everyday though.

Thanks my friend!!!