Resuming training after being off the bike, getting a good estimate of current FTP

The first couple Xert workouts seem really easy. I think this is because my FTP has degraded over the past two months but hasn’t fallen as fast as Xert has estimated. What is the best way to get Xert back on track? My legs want to do some longer tempo intervals but I don’t think this information will be helpful for the algorithm as it seems to use efforts over FTP for the calculations.


Go for breakthrough efforts - search the workout library for one. See how that improves your signature - if needed, repeat after a few days to a week.

Try this

I use this workout whenever I want to put my signature to the test. Works really well.

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Just completed this work out. No changes in FTP and it seemed super easy for me. I’m not sure what to make of the intervals where you drop your power. I just held them and well above the goal. I don’t think my settings are correct.

I would post your questions on the support side of this forum or their Facebook page

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So, HIE and PP changed, but TP did not? Anyway, yes, if you find this workout too easy, it looks like your signature is off. How much data (history) do you have and is every workout recorded with the same PM source? Which trainer do you use? A smart trainer would adapt power to match the curve (on the declining intervals), or at least I think most of them would…

I would send Support an email to have them look into it. On FB you will get the same guesswork as to what is, or might be wrong. As we do not have access to Sarah’s entire history, or the advanced tools Xert Support has, it will probably be quicker to get them to sort it out.

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You want to reset your signature.
Select Workouts icon on left menu.
Type “breakthrough” in search box.
Read the descriptions and pick one.
A hardness test may or may not result in a breakthrough depending on current fitness and signature and which level you selected. Once your signature is dialed in the hardness tests will make more sense.


This answer assumes TP is rising. What if it has dropped and you cannot get a BT on your current signature. Or you are not even fit for enough to even do a hardness workout.

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Assuming you have sufficient historical data on file I believe Xert’s decay logic would apply. All the numbers decline if you aren’t bumping into them periodically.
You could manually set lower numbers if familiar with how signature works. If not, you could file a request with to take a look at your activities and suggest starting numbers.
If not fit enough to tackle any HI intervals (recovering from injury or health issue or new to cycling) you could ride easy at RPE (<LTP) for a few weeks until you feel ready to attempt a test. For example, work up to riding an hour a day 5-6x week. Ignore signature and TL.
Haven’t tried it but as @Jarradk suggests on your other thread you could set decay to aggressive during this period and you should start bumping into the numbers at some point.
Well, that’s the theory, but it does sound probable. :slight_smile:

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