Results from the Power Duration calculator dosent stick?

I used the Power Duration calculator to set my Fitness Signature (havent used Xert in a long time and my signature wasnt accurate). But now, a few days later my fitness signature is back to the previous values (TP about 40w lower then right after using the calculator).

I havent trained, so shouldent it be about the same as right after i manually calculated it?

Use the calculator to get your signature. Then go to your activities and choose the one you want to use the signature on/from. Open the activity and then use the Advanced MPA tab so you can edit the signature, apply the values in the relevant boxes under the graph, refresh/extract then save. Your signature will now be saved and used going forward. Sounds a bit complicated but easy when you actually do it. I’ve just done the same after a few weeks in the gym rather than on the bike.

@ChopStick 's approach is a bit better than saving from the calculator. If you save and then do some other operation, it can easily overwrite your changes. If you save it to your last activity for example, it’s there permanently or until you do a progression recalculation.

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Great, thank you!

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