Resubscribe to Xert for 1 month and I have questions


So I decided to try Xert again for 1 month (do not have a PM yet and a Garmin which is why I haven’t committed to a yearly subscription), so a few questions:

  1. For outdoor activities that don’t have PM, I need to manually add XSS points? I see my Strava profile has TSS points, should I use this or is there a manual formula in converting TSS to XSS?
  2. Because my trial was 10 months ago, upon resubscription, I sync with Strava to get all my latest activities (both outdoor and indoor ride history). So how do I “reset” Xert to reflect my latest fitness?
  3. Sync with Strava seems to only get me till last month? As I’m certain I had more rides recorded in Strava then what it’s shown.
  4. Since I have only 1 month, how aggressive/best setting should I set my Xert to have the fastest gains? I know it’s not good for the long term but since I am doing it for a month only, would like to see how much improvement Xert is able to do in 1 month. I did a 3 months Sufferf est “GCN: Do The Plan with Dan” a few months back if that helps. I only have 1 to 1.30 hours and probably be able to commit about 5 sessions per week?


I have no inside knowledge, but I as my rides are recorded by garmin, I get both tss and xss for every ride. I noticed that when I’m fresh and rested xss tends to equal tss, but as I ride several days in a row, xss for each ride gets slightly higher than tss. I get the impression that tss is calculated of the ride only, while xss adjusts for something like fatigue. In my case at least, the difference isn’t huge, maybe 10% by the end of the week, so if I had to, I would just enter the tss points and consider them close enough.