Resting HR and Freshness Feedback slider

Hi. I know lots of you keep track of your waking heart rate or your heart rate variability for monitoring recovery. I would like to know if you have developed a rule to keep the Freshness Feedback slider in the right place? When I am fresh my resting HR is 44 and when I am fatigued it is 50 with a range of 6 values. My question is, do you adjust the slider daily?

The freshness slider was designed to tweak the workout recommendations based on how you’re feeling, so generally it’s a good idea to check the status of the FF slider before each workout. However, the systems estimation of freshness should generally work well when left at a setting of 0.


Thanks for your reply @ManofSteele. I will try setting the slider to 0 when i’m in a reasonable state of freshness, today. I was just wondering if the slider should be tweaked or controlled. I’ll try the tweaking.