rest-in-between power

??? Anybody can explain me what is that field? I want build a strenght (low rpm) wo.

Hi Guiliano, are you talking about the Workout Designer? This is the power you can establish for the ‘rest’ interval before/after the ‘work’ interval. If you want a strength workout you can do any of the intervals at low rpm (55-70), but don’t do so much than you threaten your ability to produce this power in a smooth, efficient way. A workout like the Sweet Spot workouts, which have longer & consistent power intervals, could be great for this. You can also create your own for this by using the workout designer.

Thank you James, yes the question was about the WD… but the power of either intervals is not specified in watts on the second column?

Power is only entered in column #3/‘Power’ when ‘Absolute’ is selected from that cell’s dropdown menu. If another option is selected, like ‘MMP’, it is a time value, like “5 min MMP”. The same is true for column #5/‘Rest-in-between Power’. Make sure you’re selecting what kind of interval you want from the drop down menus.

ok never mind i figured out that now :slight_smile: