Rest-in-between-power very low in AI Generated workout

I rode an AI Generated workout recently and the Rest-in-between-power towards the end was 38 Watts (apart from the warm up and cool down all intervals were fixed watts. Trouble is my Saris H3 can’t really handle a power that low in ERG mode, and that power seems significantly lower than any standard workouts I’ve ever done. Don’t know if it applies to other trainers but I think it’s quite likely.

Is it possible, or even a good idea, to tweak the algorithm so it puts a higher low limit on the workout power, somewhere in the 60-70 W area?

That’s threshold for some users.

If you change to a lower gear most trainers can handle that power. Lower power means faster recovery and a greater specificity generally.

Ah, ok. No problem, I am in a low gear already as it gives more accurate power, so I’ll live with it as I am finding the AI gen workouts useful.