Resistance Mode: How does it affect my Smart Trainer?

CycleOps Magnus Smart Trainer
Xert iOS app

What is the difference in my smart trainer behavior betwixt Resistance Mode = 0 vs Resistance Mode = 100?

I’m guessing - if that helps :grin: - that 0 would mean eliminating grades and 100 would then be full resistance according to grade. I.e. with a setting of 50, a 10% climb would feel like 5% - you will not go any faster, but you will have to gear up/down less, have more gears available as it were…

How does that work for the XERT Smart Workouts ? If the target watt for the interval is W and the resistance is set for 50%, then does the trainer only provide W * 0.5 resistance?

Armando? Scott?

Okay, I won’t answer that :sunglasses:

Hi Mitch,

In resistance mode, the trainer isn’t controlled at all by our app (other than holding the set resistance). It’s up to your gearing and cadence to hit the interval power. Try it out sometime on a high intensity session, and you’ll quickly learn where you need your Resistance % set to. Cheers!

Thanks Scott - so “holding the set resistance” means that the value sent by XERT to the trainer is TargetWatts * R% or does it just tell the trainer to hold the percentage of the trainer’s real-time calculated resistance? Thanks in advance.

No, you’re still referring to ERG mode, more or less.

Resistance mode essentially turns your trainer into a dumb trainer with a linear power response… higher % resistance means that it will be harder to pedal in the same gear. Furthermore, keeping the trainer at the same percentage and changing gears (or cadence) will directly influence your power output.

Just try it out next time you’re on the trainer and you’ll get an idea for how it works!

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Is it possible to adjust resistance in the IOs app? I could not not “find” any restistance with ERG turned off (=resistance/slope mode?). I am using a Neo2 in combination with a CABLE which works fine in ERG. I worked around the issue by creating resistance through a Zwift (flat) course. Would prefer using the IOs app for restitance though.