Resetting Focus Data Field

If I’m out on a group ride which is predominantly steady on the flat but everyone pushes on the hills am I better resetting the Focus Datafield after every effort or just keep it running given that it is only on the hills I have any real control over the intensity.

Curious… why would you want it to reset during the ride?

On the majority of group rides the specificity is always polar with the focus only seeming to relate to a small portion of the more intense bits. Resetting it for the climbs would give an on bike idea of the focus of riding up or climb. i.e I could say I’ll ride this hill at my 12 minute focus and then try and do it. Or maybe I’m not understanding the metric property.

My understanding is that the focus duration field during a ride accounts for accumulated fatigue up to that point in the ride to achieve that corresponding power for that focus duration so if you know the hill should take 12 mins or thats roughly the power effort you want to put it just ride at that focus level while on the hill

I’ll have a think and a read about that. On another note this is getting a bit confusing because unless it is a coincidence you hang out on the TT forum as well!

I started training with TR for a bit and still enjoy their podcasts. I use xert and mostly outdoor riding/training now so Xert made more sense but there are lots of knowledgeable posts and discussion over there that aren’t TR specific.

I guess that because the Focus Field appears to be virtually redundant on a long varied intensity group endurance ride I was trying to find a use for it .

Hi Cary,

Thought I responded to this earlier… oops. Anyways, the reason that I asked is because even if the data field were to be reset, when the ride is uploaded to Xert, the Low, High, and Peak XSS from the entire ride are summated and the total focus of the ride is derived from that.

But I understand what you’re getting at - what is the focus of a particular part of a ride? Assuming it was a relatively constant effort (no long coffee breaks in the data of interest), you could look at the XEP and see where that falls on your PD curve.

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