Reserve MPA % as datafield

Hi Armando.

I have a feature request that could hopefully be implemented without too much hassle for you guys:

Would it be possible to have your Reserve MPA (in percentage) shown in the MPA and Power datafield as an alternative option to MPA? By ‘alternative option’ I mean just like you can either have Total Strain in kJ or Strain Rate in the Focus and Strain datafield.

The reason for this request is that when I’m doing high-intensity workouts, I usually try to bring my MPA down repeatedly to a certain level. Having Reserve MPA on my screen would help in doing the efforts repeatedly and consistently.

Percentages can work but because MPA decreases non-linearly, having 50% reserve left doesn’t mean you have 50% of the time left. You can use the TTE field, for example, and set it to your 10 minute power. When you see “5:00”, you know you have only 50% left. (This is not exact but for 10 minute power it’s pretty close).

Yeah, I’ve noticed it doesn’t work linearly; rather similar to a reversed S-curve, i.e. one’s Power Curve, right? :slight_smile:

How much time I have left isn’t really of concern regarding my question. What I’m thinking of are, for example, repeated hill attacks untill I’ve reached 70% of my Reserve MPA, rest untill 85% and finally ride at/near LTP untill I’ve reached 95%. Currently I’m using the TTR datafield (set at 0W) to do this and it certainly works, but seeing it as a percentage would make it just a little more convenient.

Armando, could you please elaborate on your TTE @ 10 min. MMP suggestion? The Workout Designer says I’d be only at ~74% of Reserve MPA when the TTE field shows “5:00”.
Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 17

This is correct. MPA comes down roughly 25% over the first 5:00 minutes of a 10:00 minute effort.