Request for Window PC app to run workouts

I use my laptop with an ANT+ sensor to run other trainer control programs faultlessly. I find the Android Xert app problematic and think the phone is being asked to do too much causing problems. A laptop app to run the workout and control the trainer would be my preferred option if it became available.


You can use third-party apps, like Zwift or BigRingVR and import your Xert workouts to play them on your PC. You won’t have the SMART part of them, but it should run fine if you are focused :slight_smile:

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Yes I’d love this too

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We are already stretched pretty thin supporting all the software we have. The iOS app works great. We’re working on bringing that goodness over to Android app. We can then work on improvements to the Remote Player and have the bases covered for everyone.


In addition I’ll add, we have an SDK for developers if they wish to build their own PC app or integrate Xert into an existing app. It can be used as part of a Windows or MacOS app, mobile app as well as with bike computers / wearables. As our methods gain wider adoption, I would expect to see these apps incorporate Xert metrics and workouts directly within their software. Our iOS app, for example, was built using our SDK.

I don’t use either of these and they are as expensive as Xert or even more.

Now the programming SDK is an interesting option. I am a programmer and would love to try a project like this.

The Android app definitely needs some love. It is unreliable.

The iOS app is a thing of beauty (although doesn’t work as well with my neo as my Kickr) android will be a worthy addition too.

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