Request for an FAQ

Is there any chance of getting an FAQ for the XFAI. I know that you’d want to finalise it before investing in creating resource.

But I keep noticing recurring issues or having recurring issues and not having a clue where I saw the discussion that answered it or if it’s meant to be fixed so newly occurring.

Maybe just goldfish memory, but there is a lot of good stuff on these forums when you dig and surely easier to consolidate some of it once. Even if it’s just copying key answers into a thread from their original place?

The issue I noticed again today was having description for two different activity types in training advice and the recommended trainings all being not suitable.

I can’t remember if this is a bug, how to resolve from last time, or if it’s a feature because I’m doing more high intensity after intensity today and it’s trying to balance that with the recommendations.

Definitely a bug. Send your screenshots and description to
Does issue persist if you are in landscape mode and/or switch to desktop view?
Was the forecast Pure Endurance LIT?

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Will shoot it through (if its still appearing). The issue was on iPhone didn’t try rotating.

It was HIT forecast.

Thanks for the advice.