REQUEST : Autosync from Strava to support filters?

Hi, Armando - any chance we could be able to configure the auto-sync from Strava to support some sort of filter to in/exclude activities based on one of more attribute filters.

My desire is to be able to filter out Commutes, then I could just let Xert pull in everything else I do on Strava.

Other users may want to be able to specify other selection criteria e.g. distance, equipment name etc.

I know it will depend very much on what the Strava API offers your devs but it would potentially make the platform simpler to use? With Garmin’s auto upload to Strava and Xert’s auto sync, it would mean the tracking and analysis of my training (err… age-related decline) could be all done by the time I sit in front of the screen with a much-needed coffee!

Have you tried using Garmin Connect?