Repeating chunks of a workout


I’ve been using Xert for a month or so and enjoying it. I’ve done a Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds a couple of times this week and I’m wondering if there’s a way to skip back and repeat say, a 10 or 15 minute portion of the workout. As it’s a fairly easy workout I have at times wanted to do a bit more than originally selected.

If not, I suppose you just reselect the WO after completion and skip the warm-up / select long workouts at the start.


I think there are two possibilities:

  1. select a longer version at the beginning and stop whenever you need to
  2. You can step backwards or forwards an interval at a time, so going back (say) 6 intervals will give you about 15 minutes extra and still leave the cool down in place.

Thanks. I couldn’t get it to jump back further than the start of my current interval. I’ll try again.


I have used skip or restart on occasion, but didn’t think you could do that for more than the current interval.

As @johndarkpeak mentions you can decide upon the length before you start.
Select Workouts from XO menu, type “lucy” into search box and six different workouts will list from 45 minutes to 3 hours. :slight_smile:
You can also locate a favorite workout, click the title to view in Workout Designer, then scroll down and click Copy. Then make your changes and Save.
Lucy would be easy to change since it’s only three components (warm-up, interval/rest, cooldown) for all except the 3 hour version. You can change the interval count to any number you’d like.

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