Remove a planned workout from planner

I’ve managed to put 2 workouts on the planner for today which I presume will mess up the XSS. How do I delete one of them?

On PC, in the planner if you hover over the activity, you should get a bin icon appear that you can click to remove the workout.

On a mobile device, again in the planner tap on the bit where it says ‘cycling’ in the workout activity box. It should open a "modify an activity’ dialogue box. At the bottom of this, is the option to delete. That will remove it.

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The bin is on some of the workouts but not all, which is strange.
I have managed in the meantime to remove it by clicking on “Adapt forecast” after doing the workout I wanted. It then disappeared by itself.

If you have two workouts on the Planner with overlapping start/duration times, the one you complete will remove the other when the completed activity is uploaded. AKA Impenetrability. :smiley:
If there is an activity you never do, that activity will disappear after its scheduled completion time (start time + duration).

Thanks again @ridgerider2 . Xert is bit of a steep learning curve.