Remote Player with Zwift

I’ve been using Zwift for Xert workouts for the last few months by uploading the ZWO files with no hassle. I’ve wanted to try the SMART element of the workouts but am finding it a load of hassle to get set up with all this overlay and smartphone trainer control. I’ve got a kickr which only connects via BT and garmin vector 3 pedals. I’ve tried following the ultimate guide to this but I’m getting very frustrated with it all. Do I set the workout away from the app on phone and not pair the pedals via zwift? Options of erg/slope/auto/off? What to use when? Nightmare

If you can only use Bluetooth for the trainer, then connect the Xert app to your trainer and allow it to control the trainer (like you would if Zwift wasn’t running at all). Then connect your pedals to Zwift (ANT+ or Bluetooth, doesn’t matter) but leave trainer control off in Zwift. Then good to go.

That means two different power sources so just choose the preferred one (pedals I guess) for upload to Xert. I.e the Zwift ride

Depending how old your Kickr is, there is the option of connecting your pedals to the Kickr via ant+ to remove the discrepancy. You mention Bluetooth only so guess it’s not an option. The Kickr ERG would then be based on the pedals’ power output. That is within the Wahoo app trainer settings (but close the app before starting Zwift and Xert apps)

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Ok thanks for the reply. I’ll give that a go

The main thing is to stop Zwift from controlling your trainer, you only want power from your pedals going to Zwift (plus maybe cadence and HR). Xert has to be controlling the trainer.

Zwift will keep trying to pair to your trainer when you start so watch out for that.

Thanks for that. Also the settings in app - slope/ERG/Auto/Off - can you explain these further please?

See this help page: What Trainer Modes Are Available in Xert’s Workout Players? – Xert (


Thanks for that :+1:

One further comment - some Turbo Trainers can have multiple BT connections so you may not need Ant+. I have a Wahoo Kickr and with the current firmware, I can connect via BT to two devices. I use one for Zwift and then one for EBC and change the connections for “power control” as one or the other depending on if I’m doing an Exert Workout vs Zwift free ride/event/workout.

Check the Support info for your trainer. I had already bought an Ant+ dongle before I realised that it wasn’t needed.

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