Remote player via iPad

Hi, is it possible to connect the Remote Player via my iPads browser rather than the IOS app?
I use a Wattbike Atom (NextGen) therefore need to connect via the iPad over a MacBook / PC
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I think I understand your question, but not certain. To control the Wattbike you will need one of the EBC apps most likely the apple app to capture and transmit the signal from and to the Watt Bike. It has both BLE and Ant+ but Apple only support BLE so you just need to download that app and you should not need the remote player. That is meant to be a way to see a larger view of your data rather than squinting at a phone. It also permits you to run video etc… so it is a companion but does not control the trainer. I hope that is in line with your question.

Unfortunately not. The Remote Player (Viewer) does not connect to your devices, but only shows the data being collected from one of Xert’s apps (Android, iOS, or Garmin).