Remote Player on iPhone to Wahoo Kickr Bike will now connect

Greetings everyone,
I have just stared using Xert and and trying to pair my Wahoo Kickr Bike to the remote player. I can connect my “heart rate” monitor and the “speed sensor” from the kickR bike but not the “Power source” or the “Trainer Control” & “Cadence”.

For now I have uploaded the “SMART - Stuck in the Middle - 80 - Xert.zwo” file to Zwift. Any ideas what the *.erg files are for? also

I have had a dig about and send a message to support to get the ball rolling.
Thanks very much in advance for any feedback
Tony :grinning:

To clarify the naming in Xert –
Xert Mobile (XM) is an iOS or Android app you run on your smartphone. Which are you using?
Remote Player (RP) is a function of XO ( If enabled in XM the app sends the live workout data to XO/RP. Essentially this provides a way to monitor the workout on a larger screen (or as an overlay) while XM runs the workout on your phone.
If you are using BLE make sure other apps are not connected to your KICKR since BLE only allows one connection per sensor.
If you export a Smart workout to run on Zwift the workout profile changes to the standard FTP block format. Any Smart functionality is stripped out.
I haven’t used Zwift in over a year so someone else will need to pipe in with the best setup for that. Otherwise here’s an article that covers the options —

My understanding is ZWO is relative power instructions (%FTP) whereas ERG contains watt targets.
So the ZWO file is going to be affected by your current FTP setting in Zwift while an ERG file contains watt targets based on your XERT fitness signature at time of export.

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Hi ridgerider2, thanks very much for the amazing reply. It’s very much appreciate :+1:

I have turned everything off and had another go tonight and managed to get the bike to connect.

So no sure if it was a Layer 8 problem with me not waiting long enough for it to connect or like you say the Bluetooth was connected still.

Thanks for the advice on the ERG file also. I never realised that it makes so much difference.

The Zwift option did work tonight thankfully. I will still with the Xert player in future.

Thanks very much one again for the super fast and detailed reply. What a :star:

Kind regards

All sorted now. Thanks very much