Remote player fields - next interval duration

I really like the remote player, as it shows everything on one big screen. The only thing that’s missing (it’s on the iOS Xert player though) is the duraion of the next interval - it shows next power only. It’s OK with long intervals but would be useful with really short ones as it’s difficult to estimate those on the timeline.

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I used it last night on my Ipad and I am sure it did show wattage and length of next interval,
Is the Iphone player different layout? I do not use an Iphone so cannot see the layout

Thanks. I’m on an iPad Pro, screenshot attached of the default screen before I start a ride

Aah, sorry I got confused. I do not use the remote player, I use the Xert player.
TBH I have never tried the remote one as I am happy with the Xert player. That does show next interval duration.

Yes, I don’t think the Remote is really intended to be used as the main screen, but I find it more useful than the Xert player.