Remote player during zwift race

Zwift is being fully controlled by my ant+ dongle.
Xert is using cadence, power, heart rate.
I’m trying to use Xert as I’m racing. I select new activity.
The remote player is showing power etc but how do i get rid of the previously selected workout values on the chart?

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if you are trying to see MPA etc as a method of pacing during the race there is a garmin IQ app that achieves this (obviously garmin HU required). Time to exhaustion at certain wattage and ‘optimal’ cadence are also fields though they don’t seem very accurate for me. Like the rest of xert i assume TTE and MPA in the garmin IQ app don’t calculate in-race fatigue very well.

Have you properly signed into your Xert account for the MPA/Power, TTE/TTR, etc. data fields?

Check this support article:

Hi, im just trying to get rid of the workout chart from the last workout i did. Ive just chosen activity, not workout. The chart should be just historic lines of what ive done, not the power profile of a workout im not doing.

The Remote Player/Monitor is working as designed to display the last workout on XM.
Not sure if the upcoming new version will allow you to do what you want and display a chart for the current activity instead.
In the meantime you could load ‘Active Recovery - 35’ as the last workout if displaying a long flat block helps visually as something to ignore. :smiley:

Reference: The Ultimate Guide to Training with Xert and Zwift – Xert (

I am using Xert during Zwift races. I’m using the TTE/TTR and MPA fields via my Fenix watch (or you use most any other Garmin unit). The same scenario as you, Zwift is controlling the trainer via Ant+ and I’m just picking up the trainer data with my watch. It’d be nice to have it on the screen, but I’m using a small laptop and real estate is slim. When I get a setup with a bigger screen I may try what the person above is saying, with the workout player. However, I don’t think TTE/TTR is available via workout player. Hope this helps.