Regarding the 6 week plan, projected TP and XSS

In the “goals” tab one can see ones projected threshold power. Will I still reach this target, according to Xert, if I always do all the necessary XSS but only fill that quota with steady state zone 2 rides? Or how does Xert function here?

Probably I’m not qualified to answer that, but…

If you only comply to the XSS requirement, you will most likely not get any BT’s, your PP/MPA will automatically drop and your TP will increase as a result.

Provided you are not starting from scratch, or after a long period of inactivity. This will lead to a point where you will no longer be able to comply to prescribed workouts, because your TP actually did not increase.

(As you are not doing any of them, you won’t notice, until you get back to doing them.)

It’s fine to be guided by XSS alone, if you make sure you mix in some max efforts every now and then, but I would try to stick to XATA…

Ok, makes sense. Thank you!

Here’s the long version:

Want even more details? :slight_smile: Listen to the podcasts: