Red stars in My fitness vs yellow in Planner

Hello. My fitness says it is red star today, but according to planner it should be yellow ?

Had same

Planner is based on your Training Status as of midnight whereas My Fitness is as of now.

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Ok thanks

Wouldn’t we want the Planner to be live as well so we can adjust our planned workouts in real-time?

For example, right now My Fitness says ‘2* Tired’ whereas Planner says ‘2* Very Tired’. If I’m understanding correctly, if I went off My Fitness, I could have scheduled a ride, but according to the Planner, I need a day off?

Thank you!

Planner is based on midnight of each day. Status changes throughout the day and can cross boundaries.

But shouldent that mean that the planner usually would show one as more tired than what the “training status & form” would say? My planner always shows me as fresher than what my training status & form shows (for example today. training status & form: very tired, planner: fresh).

“As of midnight” or time specified in Goals?

I also have to admit I find it all a bit confusing:
We have Form indicators on 3 different places: “ATA”, “Planner” and “Training Status & Form”.
It might be good to simplify things a bit.


I think that most of the comments are saying the same thing - with which I agree.
I am not sure that we need that level of minute by minute adjustment, especially if it causes confusion.
Perhaps that could be an advanced option that a user could enable if they really needed it.


I agree, it did not get any simplier with update. I summarize my understanding:

Training Status & Form - Its showing status as it is NOW
Planner - Its showing training Status/Advice as of time set up in GOAL (default 11:59pm)
and XATA - pacer its showing advise as of time set up in GOAL, BUT colorful arrow is showing training Status/Advice as of in next 24hours from now. (Xert manual says so).

I tried to confirm that, but Planner has a bug, that it doest get updated after a while, so I originally was yellow in planner today and even when I set time to 11:59pm again, I ended up with red star today and tomorrow (I was yellow today, and green tomorrow). I tried to refresh browser with CTRL+F5, but it did not help.
It should be simplified and FIXED.

Hi Danny,

I took a look at your data so I could see what you’re experiencing. It appears to me that the status/form is working as intended. You started an activity today with a form of -22 (which is already borderline YELLOW/RED status), and added a heavy dose of strain, relative to your Training Load. After that ride, your form is rather deep into the red, such that your calculated form is red today and tomorrow (even at 11:59pm).

Remember these are just calculated estimations of your freshness, based only on the power data that you’ve uploaded to the system. It does not (and cannot) tell you exactly how you actually feel - there’s simply too many factors outside of the uploaded ride data for it to do so. If you wish to override how the system thinks you might be feeling, you can simply use the freshness feedback slider. In your situation, sliding the FF to +6 brings your form back into the yellow for your ride tomorrow, if you so choose. Hope that makes sense!


My understanding is pretty much the same as Danny’s. I agree it would benefit from simplifying. I do find too many answers fail to give clear explanation and are wrapped up in jargon. Maybe I just dont get it. Nevertheless I like Xert and have been a member for 2-3 years.

Hi Scott,

your explanation would make perfect sense, but system showed me yellow today and green tomorrow. Then I started to test how all 3 training status indicators work by changing training Status/Advice as of time in GOAL and by adding workout in a next day and changing its time. At the end of it, I returned all in a previous state (time back to 11:59) added workouts deleted, but color of stars in planner didnt come back (before 18th - yellow, 19 - green). Its why I wrote, that refreshing browser did not helped either.
Could you check and confirm if my understanding of these 3 training status indicators are correct or clarified if i am wrong (Training Status & Form, planner, xata)?
thank you

Hi Scott,
Could you check and confirm if my understanding of these 3 training status indicators are correct or clarified if i am wrong (Training Status & Form, planner, xata)?
thank you

Unfortunately, this is something that’s just hard since we’re trying to provide help on something that is constantly changing.

On your Home page, Training Status is as of now. The Planner and XATA use the as of time. Opening an activity on the Planner show the status as of the start of the activity. That’s the way it should work.

To simplify, we could base XATA as of midnight for everything. One issue is that you may actually need the 18 hours of recovery if you plan to do a workout first thing in the morning. Status might be Fresh but you might not yet be Fresh. When you train everyday, hours mean a lot more than you think.

What are your thoughts? Would be open to seeing new ideas and come up with something that is better. Just be sure to run through the various scenarios and implications.


Hi All,

The discrepancy is absolutely confusing. However, I get the need for such metrics.

That said, I think what would be ideal is an hourly indicator of status/form no?

Instead of havind red as of NOW and fresh as of MIDNIGHT, can we have a visual hourly representation of it… I would love to know for example if RIGHT now I am VERY TIRED, yet in 3 hours I will be TIRED.

Thoughts? So instead of a static indication… it’s a dynamic widget? i.e. if somewhere between NOW and MIDNIGHT I transition, I’d like to see when that will happen… the indicator shows hourly daily markings and adjusts itself accordingly.

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Is the time in GOAL (default 11:59) local time to each user?
Assuming it is, then wouldnt 06:00 be more appropriate. The reason being that most users train between say 06:00 (maybe 05:00) and 22:00 each day. Therefore the status at 23:59 is irrelevant, you will be fresher at 06:00 than 6 hours earlier.

Equally a lot of people regularly train at the same time each day so the GOAL time could be set individually by each user to their own time (as they can do now of course)