Rectifying high peak power

My peak power as based on my last 3 years is too high. 767 and the best I have seen is 704 and I doubt I can repeat that.

I could do a sprint test on the open road and indeed I will, however I don’t think that will cause PP to reduce will it?
The other option is to change in my profile and recalculate. Is that a reasonable way forward

Hi John,

What is your " Signature Decay Method" setting? (you can find it in your account setting under the profile tab)
If it is set to “Optimal Decay” (default value) then I would think the decay would have adjusted your PP Fitness signature value over time.

Hello Johan,
It is set to optimal decay but the signature does not drop, in fact it has increased a little in the last couple of days when I have been doing outside rides more.

Not sure how it exactly works but I think if you workout on a regular base it just follows your peak training load. So in your case when PP is going up you probably did some Peak Power Load efforts lately.
Also interesting to know: when was your last breaktrough on PP?

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The last breakthrough was in Feb 2020 which was 704 watts. That is the highest for the last 3 years.
I will adjust to 700 watts and see what happens.

EDIT. Put in 704 and recalculated the FS. It now has PP at 714 which is much more accurate. That will probably help me with a BT soon as well.

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