Recovery Week

Hi how do you factor in a recovery week ? I’m currently at the end of base phase on Extreme 2 should I switch to maintenance for a recovery week ?

Hi Fraser, if you feel you need a recovery week (and with Extreme 2 you probably should), turn down your improvement rate to Maintenance or Taper until you feel more fresh. You can also use the Freshness Feedback tool to fine tune how you’re feeling and the workouts that are recommended for you.

Normally you’ll get recommended a recovery week when your Training Status is Very tired yet still have a significant Training Deficit. At Extreme-2, this will happen quite regularly, unless you adjust Freshness Feedback far to the right. Using Freshness Feedback with too high a value together with Improvement Rates higher than Aggressive-1 should be monitored closely so that you don’t end up over-training. You should allocate time for added recovery.

Hey guys thanks for the reply i have been trying to work to a four week block at a time . So three consecutive build weeks followed by a recovery week. I did notice the freshness tool and adjusted this a few times to see what affect it had on the training suggestions. I don’t really feel tired and have been steadily improving , just wanted to know how to factor in a recovery week. Cheers Fraser

Great. Just move the Improvement Rate to Maintenance, for example, and you’ll see much less XSS Deficit (you need less training hence you’ll recover) until you switch it back to a higher value. Maintenance and below would be an effective recovery improvement rate.

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