Recovery week after a training camp

I’m right now in a recovery week after a last week’s training camp. In the training week, I cumulated significantly more XSS compared to a usual week of training (1400 vs. ~600).
At the end of the training week, the Training Advisor seemed slightly confused, saying something like “I need to learn more about you and your training…”. I ignored it and finished the camp :wink:
Now, this week, the Training Advisor seems to expect similar XSS compared to last week…which results in a large XSS deficit which I cannot - and don’t want to - satisfy.
I guess it all will level out within the next days (Xert is looking back exactly one week, correct?), but for next time: what is the best way to tell Xert that a training camp is ahead and that I plan a recovery week following that camp?

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Stay tuned for the next set of features.