Recovery Load?

The glossary has a definition for “recovery load” that was obviously written by and for professionals. Is there a definition somewhere that would make more sense to the layman?

The latest blog post (“Are your workouts too hard?”), which I really liked reading, seemed to be heading in the right direction to answer this question, but then didn’t.

Thanks Seth. We’ve added a section to the glossary

_Recovery load quantifies how much recovery you need based upon the recent training you’ve been doing. It rises when activities are performed based on the XSS you accumulate and slowly declines over time. In Xert, the more training you do, the less of an impact Recovery Load has on you. Imagine when you first started training, how much recovery you would need after doing a hour ride. When you train, you need less time to recover from these same rides.

In Xert, you don’t need to keep track of Recovery Load directly. The software will summarize how much recovery you need and simplify this by using Training Status and Form._

Got it, thanks.