Recovery load & Form

I typically follow what is suggested by the training status & form in terms of when to rest and since I work shift work I usually have 4+ days of “rest” between riding. If I take a look at my progression and just look at the recovery and form lines my recovery load hasn’t come above the form line too often. Is this okay? I just remember getting burned out a few years back and I was using WKO+ and afterwards I noticed my TSB was buried for over a month while my ATL remained above it.

Recovery and form and negatively related. When Recovery Load is high, form is low. But how low is okay depends on Training Load. The more you train, the more lower Form can go. This his how Training Status works. Pay attention to your Training Status and gain a sense of what it is saying relative to how you feel. How you feel is more important, but don’t ignore what the data is saying. Sometimes it can provide a bit of warning you’re not paying enough attention to your own body’s signals.

That makes sense, thanks, Armando. Just want to avoid putting myself in a hole again.