Recorded Ride, Power Doubled on 4iii single side power meter

So went for a ride and forgot my computer so figured I would record it with XMBC on IOS. Power was doubled for the whole ride. Cadence was fine. Last topics on this I can find are from 2017 and say ‘Use Ant+’. So basically ‘Dont record a ride with XMBC’ unless I am missing something?

Hi Tod,

This can easily be fixed using Power Adjuster tool… you’ll just need to scale the activity’s power by -50% should do the trick! Send me a PM if you’re not sure what to do and I’d be happy to help!

For what it’s worth… some power meters double the power and pass that data to the app, while others send the single side data & expect whatever app is recording to double it. As far as I know, there’s no ‘standard’ for the industry, I think you just need to test your equipment/setup and find what works best for you.

In the EBC app, you can set the Power Bias (next to your 4iiii power meter in sensor menu) to -50%, which should half the reported power. There might also be a setting in 4iiii’s native app to either double (or not double) the power data for other apps, though I’m not certain as I’ve not personally used any of their PM’s before.

I have the oldest Precision model and haven’t had any issues riding indoor workouts with my 4iiii single-sided meter and the iOS app.
I can’t imagine the sensor pairing would be different outdoors but I’ll try it sometime to confirm.
Which model do you have? 4iiii Innovations — Power Meters

Left-Side PRECISION 3+ Powermeter. It may be that because it is a new model it is not handled properly.

@ManofSteele I was able to cut the power using Golden Cheetah, then exporting and importing it.